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Traffic Schemes

tss_iconDataset has been the work of the last 10 years.
Contains information on all of the IMO adopted routeing measures.
The Ship's Routeing dataset is made up from the coordinates data contained in over 400 circulars and documents published by the IMO over the last 50 years

As the documents go back to the late 1960's all the positions have had to be manually plotted and converted to WGS 84.

There are over 5000 positions specified.
The Dataset's are supplied in LAT/Long WGS 84 as a SHP file.
Over 325 routeing schemes at present covering over 13000 nm of sea.
Updates are issued as and when required depending on the IMO, but on average there is normally at least one update per year.
The dataset is made up of:
Traffic Separation Schemes
Inshore Zones
Deep Water Routes
Areas to be Avoided
Recommended Tracks
Recommended Traffic Flow
Precautionary Areas
Two Way routes
Mandatory Ship reporting Systems
Mandatory Routing Systems
Mandatory No Anchoring Areas
Archipelagic Sea Lane.

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The international loadline zones concern all ships specifying how much cargo each ship can carry safely
The regulations take into account the potential hazards present in different zones and different seasons.
The dataset shows the worldwide zones



Particular Sensitive Sea Areas
These areas help protect fragile environments. There are 13 schemes worldwide
Papahanaumouakea Marine National Monument
Sea Area around Malpelo Island
Galapagos Archipelago
Paracas National Reserve
Saba Bank
Archipelago of Sabana-Camaguey
Sea areas around Florida Keys
Western European Waters
Wadden Sea
Baltic Sea Area
Strait of Bonifacio
Canary Islands
Great Barrier Reef and Torries Strait
These areas are protected using various routeing measures as specified in the Traffic Schemes dataset.



Maritime Pollution
Dataset containing the special areas as specified in the six annexes of the
International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)
Annex 1 - Oil
Annex 2 - Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk
Annex 3 - Harmful Substances
Annex 4 - Sewage
Annex 5 - Garbage
Annex 6 - Air Pollution



In insurance, a set of warranties (i.e. same as conditions, in insurance) in a hull policy which prohibit the vessel from entering certain waters (mainly ice areas) without payment of additional premium or with a change in conditions.

Joint war hull committee listed areas
The Joint War Committee comprises underwriting representatives from both the Lloyd’s and IUA company markets, representing the interests of those who write marine hull war business in the London market covering War, Piracy, Terror and related perils

As well as the routeing datasets we have also created

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System)
Worldwide Search and rescue responsibilities area's
Port plans/maps